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Perfect Dating

November 28, 2007

how tu(esday): charge your iPod with an onion and electrolytes

November 20, 2007

Invisible rope prank…

November 18, 2007

These guys appear to be holding a rope up against traffic. The only thing is that the rope is invisible and traffic still slows down.

Some good old fashion pranking. HA!

I like how they pretend to jump with the rope in this one…

Good vs Well: a case study in proper usage

November 17, 2007

You know those things that drive you nuts? For some it’s Hillary. For others its peach fuzz that sneaks its way onto a female lip. For me it’s the improper usage of good and well. (ok, it’s just one of my pet peeves)

Always remember this: Things are good. You do things well.

Things are good.

You do things well.

Example of proper usage: “Wow mom, this casserole is really good. You cook well.”

Example of improper usage: “Yeah, I’m doing good.” “You sang really good tonight.” “This pizza is well.”


Feist has some feasty vids

November 11, 2007

I’m sure you all have heard of Feist…I have only just been introduced to (them/her?). I was at The Ryman the other night and noticed a Hatch Show Print for the upcoming concert. The poster looked really cool so I decided to check them out…maybe I’d go to the show (I’m out of town that night so I can’t go, but anyway…I digress…)

Upon searching the internet I came across two music videos that I feel are note worthy.

You’ll recognize the first one from the new iPod Nano commercial. Notice how it’s all in one take…pretty cool.

This one too is all (mostly) with one take. A great concept/idea with the people movers at the airport. Very sexy.

They’re/She’s at The Ryman on November 21st if you’re in town and interested. I bet it’ll be a great show. Oh, and be sure to get a Show Print.

first and last sportscast

November 10, 2007

Holy Geez, this guy is really awkward.

Unique Wedding Invitation

November 8, 2007



November 2, 2007

It was Halloween Night and the streets of Franklin, TN where lined with christmas lights, Belk had all of their Christmas decorations out, the mall was playing Christmas music. Might I remind you, IT WAS HALLOWEEN!!!!!

What happened to Halloween? Thanksgiving?!

I think Nordstrom said it best when they said, “You won’t see any holiday decorations until the day after Thanksgiving. Why? Because we like to celebrate holidays one at a time.” I think there’s a lot to be said about that.

There’s something Oxy-moronic about having Christmas lights (turned ON…it’d be different if they were just trying to get ahead and wait to turn them on after Thanksgiving) on the same pole as an Autumn flag. Those of you who frequent Franklin’s Main Street will know what I’m talking about…

All in all…why can’t we just take holidays one at a time.