who’s who

I’d like to return some love to my top three referrals of all time by recognizing them in Utobia2.0’s list of Who’s Who. Thanks to everyone for dropping by and keeping up with all these silly posts and making me feel like I have something worth blogging about. Afterall, we’re all in this together.

#1//*theblogstar (Chad Jarnigan, rock star extraordinar)

#2//Into the Substance (Kari Slusser, the coolest young mother of two)

#3//Anam Cara (Shelia Mullican (relentless pursuer of beauty and truth. Check out her new tat!)


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2 Responses to “who’s who”

  1. Kari Says:

    Awww… thanks bro!

  2. Shelia Says:

    Hey friend.

    I am honored by your kind attention. I am thrilled to be in the same category as the three of you hot, talented, young, creative types anytime.

    Hope to see you soon.


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