Pardon my dust, y’all

*Phew! The winds of change are blowing again over here. I’m really excited about what’s coming soon. (I’ve included a sneak peek screen shot to the left) I’ve decided to blend my portfolio site ( with this blog ( I have far more frequency and reach here that I think it’ll be great for business.

So don’t worry. Utobia2.0 isn’t going anywhere. It’s merely getting a face lift and putting on a few pounds. You’ll notice some changes have already taken place. To the right you’ll see I’ve added three pages: Contact, Hire Me, and Portfolio. This way you’ll be able to keep up with projects I have going on as well as have the chance for me to work on something for you. Yay!

Also at the very top are two quick links to the Hire Me page and the Contact page for quick reference. I’m available for graphic design, print brokering, visual design, and bartending. Contact forms will be coming soon. Until then, use the information under the Contact page.

Ok, well that’s it for now…stay tuned. The next chapter is being written and I think it’s gonna be a good one.


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