when dog imitates art

July 25, 2008

This morning Diesel and I were wrestling and I sometimes will use a shirt or towel to cover his head and play with him. This time I tucked the shirt under his collar to make it a little more difficult to come out from under it. With the last flip of his head he sat down and looked at me as if to say, “…really? really.” I immediately grabbed my iPhone and took this picture. It reminded me of the “Green Eyes” girl on the cover of National Geographic circa 1984. Ok, well…sorta.


Discovery Channel Promo

July 24, 2008

There’s nothing I like more than a well edited montage. This comes from the newly re-branded Discovery Channel. It seems to be the only channel I watch anymore these days. At any rate, if you’re a fan of said channel then this is guaranteed to make you smile.

Oh the irony, part 2

July 23, 2008


I can’t believe it. This time it’s Community Baptist Church. Man, those Baptists are persistent.

Hmmm. Can’t really say I’m interesting in “Neighborhood Bible Time”. I have issues with this on many levels. What are they? I’m glad you asked.

1.) This is targeting parents with kids. I’m not a parent and and I don’t have kids. Although kudos to them for doing their homework. This area is FILLED with parents and kids. Welcome to my life in Spring Hill…

2.) The copy is totally irrelevant for today’s culture. “Anyone up for Bible Time?” ” Golly, dad. I sure am!” Seriously? In the words of Kevin McCalister, “…I don’t think so.”

3.) Aaaaand they don’t have a website listed on their door hanger. Really? It’s 2008. My MOTHER has a website.


I have a feeling this will be an ongoing series…Ugh.

Sweet Motion Graphics

July 22, 2008

All eyes are on China with the opening of the Olympics this summer and its emergence as an economic superpower. Design and production company Imaginary Forces (IF) created the main titles for “People’s Republic of Capitalism,” a four-part documentary in the Koppel On Discovery series that focuses on China’s new role in the world.

The program shatters stereotypes about China, dismissing the old-fashioned idea of a dull drab Communism and showing modern China as the “Wild Wild East” — an engine of economic growth moving at breakneck speed. What is happening in China affects us here in the US and globally. The futures of both countries are undeniably intertwined.

Spearheaded by creative director Karin Fong, “People’s Republic of Capitalism” is the 6th show that IF has done for Koppel On Discovery. The title sequence is an explosion of China chic — lush, intricate and colorful engravings, inspired by Chinese money, tweaked with symbols of present-day industry, fashion, and culture. In his review of the China series, Tom Shales of The Washington Post writes, “The extremely handsome animated opening credits are worth noting…”

“We brought the results of nearly a year of research, reporting and production on our China project to Karin Fong and the Imaginary Forces team,” says Peter Demchuk, a producer for Koppel on Discovery. “And we offered a title we hoped would capture a sense of the transformation and contradiction we discovered there. Karin came up with 45 seconds of visual poetry that sums up perfectly our four-hour documentary series. Both elegantly simple and richly layered, the sequence creates the perfect frame for our program, but stands alone as its own remarkable piece of work.”

Read more here.

Oh the irony…

July 21, 2008

Is it just me, or has anyone else out there noticed an influx of door-to-door solicitors? Being that I work from home, I’m always here so I’m always available to answer the door when they come by. I’ve had everyone from the Bug Man to the Baptist coming to my door to get me to buy into what they’re selling. I’d say I get about one a week. That I work in a creative profession means I can’t always be bothered and just drop what I’m doing to listen to the benefits of, say, Islam.

Enter the “No-Soliciting!” sign.

I realize, yes, that 1.) this is a commercial sign and not a residential sign and 2.) that I’ve become “that guy” for having it. But I don’t care. Enough is enough. It’s MY time they’re taking. It’s MY distraction they’re causing. It’s MY house they’re invading.

Sounding a bit selfish? Sure. I make no apologies. ESPECIALLY after I found two business cards tucked behind my VERY OBVIOUS “No-Soliciting!” sign. I couldn’t believe it. It’s as if my privacy is not respected. No, no…not “as if”. It’s NOT respected. At least not by Joe Harris of HomeShield Pest Control. Soooo I gave him a call and described to him what “No-Soliciting!” means. Fortunately for him, I got his voice mail.

But really. I mean REALLY. I don’t care if you’re selling Jesus Christ or Jelly Beans. I’M. NOT. INTERESTED!

Greg Laswell: How the Day Sounds

July 11, 2008

About a week or so ago I went to Exit/In here in Nashville to see Ingrid Michelson. As it usually is with shows there she had two opening acts before she went on to perform. The first guy was a bit forgettable (as I have actually forgotten his name or music), but the second guy, Greg Laswell, was AMAZING.

His EP, “How the Day Sounds” is remarkable. I was really impressed with his live performance. There was one song that tasted a bit like Sufjan Stevens’ stuff with the trumpets, etc. (That song is not on “How the Day Sounds”; however, I thought I would make the comparison for those of you that like Sufjan’s stuff)

The whole EP is excellent. Greg Laswell - How the Day Sounds - EP - How the Day Sounds

ALSO, he covered “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” Greg Laswell - Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Single - Girls Just Want to Have Fun. It’s amazing how sad that song actually is. Maybe it’s just the way he did it that makes it seem sad…no, it’s actually pretty sad. You’ll love it.

BANKSY! London Graffiti Artist

July 9, 2008

Some pictures of elusive graffiti artist, “Banksy”. See more HERE.

A night at FUSE

June 29, 2008

FINALLY! There’s a hip, hot, sexy, classy nightclub in Nashville (and it’s NOT on 2nd Ave…YAY!). Introducing FUSE at the Opryland Hotel.

I had the opportunity to go there last Friday night and I was VERY impressed. Everything from the flooring to the bathrooms was amazing. (Of course, the first thing I would notice in a very dark room would be the flooring…) Black and Red are the primary colors. When you enter you first see the bar and cocktail seating area consisting of red leather couches, chairs and coffee tables. Above are wood panels that span up one wall and continue overhead. In between said panels are slowly changing lights; everything from red to blue to orange to pink. Beyond the bar is the dance floor filled with smoke and moving lights. Two female go-go-esques dancers are on platforms dancing to get other people out on the floor. (That was a nice touch). All the bathrooms are unisex and no detail is left undone.

We got there at 8:30 to avoid the $20 cover that starts at 9PM…aaaaand we were the only ones there for the first hour or so. Kind of a bummer, but once it catches on I’m sure that’ll change. On the subject of money…be sure you bring some (or have some plastic) as the drinks are pricey and a bit watered down.

One thing I did notice was how much older the crowd was. Being that it’s in the hotel and convention center there were plenty of older people there (older being 40s-no offense to those in that age range…just wasn’t the 20-something’s scene)

I’m anxious to go back after it’s gotten more exposure. Be sure to check it out. It would make a GREAT date night. For those of you that are married you could just stay the night there and make a little getaway of it.

NOTICE: There’s a dress code so be sure to look it over before you head out.

Boscos Cool Springs…open for business!

June 23, 2008

It’s about time! After months of delays and putting up with the City of Franklin’s code inspectors, Boscos Cool Springs will “officially” open on Thursday. Although they are accepting people Tuesday and Wednesday as part of our Dry Run tests.

So come on out, have a seat at the bar and I’ll pour you a cold one.

Meet “Diesel”…my new dog!

June 17, 2008

Over the weekend I became the proud owner of an American Pit Bull Terrier and life just hasn’t been the same since.

His name is Diesel and he’s about 1 year old. The girl I got him from took him out of a bad situation. When he was rescued he was underfed and abused 😦  She wasn’t able to keep him and had to take him to the pound where he would be euthanized before the end of the weekend!

When I saw him I knew immediately he was the one for me. I was sitting on a chair in the yard and he crawled up on my lap. So here’s this 40 pound puppy awkwardly making his way up thinking he’s some lap dog. He’s still trying to figure out his body. It’s just big enough for him to not really be in total control. So he’s kinda clumsy and goofy…still working out the kinks.

Here’s a little info on the American Pit Bull Terrier to clear the air from all the bad press they’ve gotten

The Pit Bull immediately strikes one as being a dog of power, passion, and undying willingness. The brick-like head, which is especially broad between the cheeks (to house the powerful jaws), is carried upon a thickly muscled, well-defined neck. The neck runs into a deep, thick, well-sprung chest. The American Pit Bull is a very muscular, stocky, yet agile dog which is extremely strong for his size. The ears are generally cropped, though this is optional. Docked tails are not accepted by the UKC or the ADBA. The eyes are round, and any color is acceptable. The teeth should form a scissors bite. Its coat is made up of thick, short, shiny hair. All colors are admissible. The tail tapers to a point.

The American Pit Bull Terrier has a strong pleasure to please. The APBT has evoked more human emotional, rational, and irrational response than any other breed that exists today.  By no means are these dogs people-haters or people-eaters. Their natural aggressive tendencies are toward other dogs and animals, not people. However if they are properly socialized they will not even be aggressive with them. These are truly quality companions for quality owners only! The American Pit Bull Terrier is a good-natured, amusing, extremely loyal and affectionate family pet, which is good with children and adults. Almost always obedient, it is always eager to please its master. It is an extremely courageous and intelligent guard dog that is very full of vitality. Highly protective of his owners and the owner’s property, it will fight an enemy to the death. It is usually very friendly, but has an uncanny ability to know when it needs to protect and when everything is okay. The American Pit Bull Terrier can be willful and needs a firm hand. They are generally okay with other pets if they are raised with them from puppy hood.  For the most part they are very friendly, but not recommended for most people. Excellent with children in the family, they have a high pain tolerance and will happily put up with rough child play. As with any breed, they should not be left alone with unfamiliar children. Originally used as fighting dogs, the powerful American Pit Bull may go for the throat of strange dogs. A minimum of training will produce a tranquil, obedient dog. Socialize very thoroughly when young to combat aggressive tendencies and be sure to keep the dog under control when other dogs are present. It has given outstanding results as a guardian of property, but is at the same time esteemed as a companion dog. When properly trained and socialized, this is a very good dog and a great family companion. Unfortunately, some choose to promote the fighting instinct in the breed, giving it a bad name.

Height, weight
Height: 18-22 inches (46-56 cm)
Weight: 22 -110 pounds (10-50 kg)

Please Note: The APBT ranges in size from 22 pounds to 110 pounds (rare), with the most common being between 35 – 55 pounds (16-25 kg.), in fact the original APBT’s were between 20 – 40 pounds (9-18 kg.) and were bred small for their main purpose, fighting, These dogs are varying from small to extra large.  A very common misconception is that APBT’s are muscle bound (viscous) hulks that weigh in around 85 pounds (39 kg.) and this is generally not the majority, Most of the APBT’s that Are that large have been crossed with another breeds.

Health Problems
A generally healthy breed, although some are prone to hip dysplasia, hereditary cataracts, allergies to grass and congenital heart disease.

Living Conditions
Pits will do okay in an apartment if it is sufficiently exercised. They are very active indoors and will do alright without a yard provided they get enough exercise. Prefers warm climates.

American Pit Bull Terriers must have plenty of regular exercise and need to be taken on long daily walks.

Life Expectancy
About 12 years

Litter Size
Average of 5 – 10 puppies

The smooth, short-haired coat is easy to groom. Brush regularly with a firm bristle brush, and bathe or dry shampoo as necessary. A rub with a piece of toweling or chamois will make the coat gleam. This breed is an average shedder.
Developed from the Bull and Terrier types of yesteryear, the American Pit Bull Terrier comes from an indisputable history of pit-fighting. The breed’s tenacity and accompanying strength are unmatched in the canine world. As rich and captivating as the breed’s history is, the Pit Bull’s future is more worthy of commentary. Some proponents of the breed argue that this breed is the original bulldog of the past. Old prints and woodcarvings show reason to believe this. They show dogs that look exactly like the breed today, doing things the dog is still capable of doing.  For more information on this theory you can read books by Richard F Stratton. The APBT, as registered by the UKC, is an individual breed of dog and does not refer to just any ill-bred, mindless warrior-type mongrel. At one time, the Pit Bull was a much loved, trustworthy companion. People who chose to train these dogs to fight are chiefly responsible for the banning and witch-hunting that has been sweeping the U.S. The media, however, should not go unmentioned, for it is also responsible for escalating isolated incidences in a relentless and attention-getting way. In a lot of cases when the media is reporting about a Pit Bull attacking, it is indeed not even a Pit Bull at all, but a mixed breed of some sort, or another bull breed all together. In fact, one time there was a report on KYW news in Philadelphia about two Pit Bulls attacking a person. I called the news station and asked if they knew the dogs were in fact a purebred American Pit Bull Terriers, or another bull breed of some sort, or a mutt for that matter. They told me they did not know, I would have to call the police station to verify that information. I asked them how they could report something that they were not sure of. They had no answer for me and they were not sure of the dog’s breed. Even after admitting that to me on the phone, they kept calling it a Pit Bull. The Pit Bull’s future has been perhaps irreparably undone and everyone is to blame except the dog itself. This very loyal dog is too set on pleasing his owner, and ironically this is the root of his own undoing. Accompanying this need to please are remarkable abilities of all kinds. Jack Dempsy, Teddy Roosevelt and Jack Johnson are just a few people who have owned Pit Bulls. Pit Bulls excel in practically every canine task including herding, guarding, hunting, policing, cart pulling and ratting. A Pit Bull, named Banddog Dread, holds more canine working titles than ANY other breed. The owner’s name is Diane Jessup and you can reference her book, “The Working Pit Bull.” It tells you all of Dread’s accomplishments. These dogs are truly capable of many tasks. The difference between Pits and American Staffordshire Terriers is a difficult one. Even breeders can’t agree. The main difference is the bloodline. Amstaffs are show dogs and dog fighters won’t use dogs with Amstaff blood. As time progresses there will be more of a difference. Many are duel registered as Amstaffs with the AKC and Pits with the UKC.