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First Ten at Random

September 4, 2008

I was thinking the other day that I have a VERY eclectic style of music. I wonder what it says about me? I like everything from the orchestrations of Hans Zimmer to well, High School Musical. Guilty.

So I decided to be completely honest and transparent here and list the first 10 songs from my iTunes when it’s set to random. I have NO idea what’ll come up and I’m a bit nervous.

So…here we go: (It’s important to note that I will NOT skip any song no matter how embarrassing it is)

1.) “If It’s in My Mind, It’s on My Face” from System, by Seal. Not a bad start. Seal - System - If It's In My Mind, It's On My Face

2.) “Map of the Problematique” from Black Holes and Revelations by MUSE. (I’m 2 for 2 so far) Muse - Black Holes and Revelations - Map of the Problematique

3.) “Like it or Not” from Confessions on a Dance Floor by Madonna (I wasn’t a fan of this album) Madonna - Confessions On a Dance Floor - Like It or Not

4.) “Forever Love (Digame)” from Wreck of the Day by Anna Nalick (Ugh, reminds me of a certain ex-wife) Anna Nalick - Wreck of the Day - Forever Love (Digame)

5.) “Don’t Let Me Down” from Across the Universe soundtrack by Dana Fuchs (Ehh…pass) Dana Fuchs - Across the Universe (Music from the Motion Picture) [Deluxe Edition] - Don't Let Me Down

6.) “Sorry” from Confessions on a Dance Floor by Madonna (Really? 1374 songs and two of them are from this wretched album… not looking so good here, y’all) Madonna - Confessions On a Dance Floor - Sorry

7.) “Open the Eyes of My Heart” from Worship by Michael W. Smith (SO 9-11, 2001) Michael W. Smith - Worship - Open the Eyes of My Heart

8.) “Let God Arise” from See the Morning by Chris Tomlin (goodness…I haven’t heard this one in a while) Chris Tomlin - See the Morning - Let God Arise

9.) “Elm” from Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow by Hammock Hammock - Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow - Elm

10.) “End Title” from Driving Miss Daisy soundtrack by Hans Zimmer and James Fitzpatrick (what a way to end the list. I love this song.) James Fitzpatrick - The Essential Hans Zimmer Film Music Collection - End Title (From "Driving Miss Daisy")

So there you have it. The first 10 songs at random from my iTunes. I’ve included a link to iTunes so you can have a listen to see if we share any of the same interests. Maybe next I’ll do the top 10 most played. THAT would probably say more about me, huh?

I’m just thankful that the ONE Bette Midler song I have didn’t come up. Talk about embarrassing.